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The Scented Garden

When purchasing plants, it is our natural instinct to smell it before buying it. We all enjoy smells for different reasons, whether it’s a nostalgic smell from our childhood or simply a smell that reminds us what time of year it is. If there is a certain scent that sends your smelling sense soaring, then start planting! Continue reading “The Farm”

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The Palette

Creative Thinking

All too often I hear the words “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” Well, that’s simply not true. We all have a degree of creativity within us, but we just don’t realize it. Let me clarify something.

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The Fun


An Eggcellent Surprise!

Our wild mama barn owl revealed her (hopefully not breaking) news!

Yay, 2 eggs so far! So, I was thinking our mama bird needs a name…maybe Leia? I could use more suggestions, but until then I will let you know if Han smuggles in some food for the princess and her twins…

Pounding Pesky Pomegranates

For many years I thought pomegranates were such a mysterious fruit, that had a growth habit like no other fruit. They seemed random in how their skins formed and how their seeds grew. So, it turns out the only thing that was random, was how I went about de-seeding them. Ha! The mysterious fruit was suddenly no mystery and it turns out there is a method to de-seeding a pomegranate. It’s just like many other fruits…go figure!

What you will need:

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